A story of art

Palazzo Cavanis has a long history of transformations. Renowned as a casa da statio (a stately home) for its considerable size, the Palazzo was built between the 15th and 16th century and is spread over several floors, standing out in terms of grandeur and size from other neighbouring buildings.

The first evidence of its existence dates back to when the Gesuati received a plot of land from Piero de Sassi to build their convent. For the Palazzo, this marks the beginning of a path that would see the succession of countless owners, until the arrival in 1663 of Giuseppe Cavanis, when the Cavanis family, aware of the historical and strategic value of the Palazzo, carried out further restoration modernisation work.

In 1771 the Cavanis family decided to rent the first floor of the Palazzo, a decision that led to a series of architectural renovations of the building. In particular, the interior layout of the piano nobile was completely changed in accordance with the fashion of the time and substantial changes were made to the magnificent garden.

Today Palazzo Cavanis stands on two floors and features typical elements of the Venetian Gothic-Byzantine style, such as the distinctive arched windows and decorative elements in Istrian stone.

Deep in the heart of Venetian culture

From its creation up to the present day, Palazzo Cavanis has stood out for its advantageous and strategic location.

Located within the Museum Mile, it is part of Venice's Art Street, together with numerous galleries and exhibition spaces and close to the city's leading artistic and cultural venues: Punta della Dogana, Gallerie dell'Accademia, Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti, Peggy Guggenheim Foundation, VAC Foundation, Emilio Vedova Foundation and Palazzo Cini.

The Palazzo is thus part of a project aimed at creating itineraries for collectors and art and culture lovers who seek this type of experience in their travels.


The View

The view of the Fondamenta delle Zattere and the Giudecca Canal makes Palazzo Cavanis the ideal place to stage art exhibitions, organise cultural events or enjoy a holiday surrounded by art in the heart of Venice. The beautiful façade is already set up to host an advertising banner for the event on display, guaranteeing maximum visibility along one of the most visited spots in Venice.

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