The green heart adorning Palazzo Cavanis

The Palazzo Cavanis Garden has withstood constant building renovations, preserving its historical character.

The presence of the terracotta and brick pavement, the numerous marble decorations and stone sculptures are the sign of a timeless heritage.

The green space is unique by city standards, given its large size of over 500 m². Bordering to the east with the historic Church, Chiesa della Visitazione, the garden has a long arcade with brick arches that marks out the space to the west and offers shelter in case of rain. From here it is possible to access the service rooms and storage areas made available for events.


Over 500 sqm of garden

Catering area

Storage area

Secondary access for logistics

An ideal space for events

With multiple entrances, a fully equipped catering area, on-site lighting and irrigation system, the garden is ideal for hosting events, vernissages, cocktail parties or extending the art exhibition with sculptures and site-specific installations.

Spacious and lush with greenery, it offers a panoramic view of both the exhibition spaces and the apartment rooms, enriching the experience inside the Palazzo.


a unicum in venice

At Palazzo Cavanis nature's elements come together to create a unique environment.

A few steps from the lagoon, the garden presents itself as an intimate, reserved and precious space.

The perfect setting for art exhibitions, cultural events and cocktail parties.

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